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A Big Decision
Sonac Nights2017-11-05 03:27:18
Hello all,

Imladrin has been a long time in the making, but in the latter half of it's life, there's been little to no time for the potential to be fully realized. Looking through files and books and the codex that was to be, it all is simply sitting in wait and gathering dust. While I plan to wipe away the dust and fill the voids with the story that's been in the works for years, it simply won't get done in the near future. Being an adult is a pain in the ass, and free time is too little, too rarely. Imladrin is not dying, but I'll be pulling it in time to make the changes needed and to fill in the blanks. When the day comes that it returns to open anew, the shelves will be filled with lore, the codex will actually be helpful, and many other things will be patched up nice. There is still plenty of time before the cycle ends, however. Hopefully everyone understands this decision.

Thank you all,

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